Diet to Follow During Pregnancy

The phrase ‘eating for two’ doesn’t mean piling twice as much food onto your plate. Instead, the idea is to eat twice as well. Find out pregnancy diet tips here. Not sure how to go about what to include in your pregnancy diet? We’re about to tell you how to maintain a balanced diet between you & your baby

Diet plays a crucial part during pregnancy. During this period your body needs additional nutrients apart from your regular diet. Time and again studies have reflected on how lacking of key nutrients can be detrimental for your child’s development.

Not only an expectant mother is supposed to have a diet with all key nutrients but with each passing week the calories to be consumed also needs to grow.

A poor diet may even lead to complications during pregnancy, but a good diet will ensure it doesn’t lead to that. Infact following a good diet plan will even make it easier for you to lose weight after pregnancy.

Here are 5 foods to eat during pregnancy.


Packed with protein and vitamins D and B12, these nutritional powerhouses are quick and easy to prepare. Try them scrambled or on top of lightly fried rice.

Dairy products

Low-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt are delicious sources of calcium. Try to drink milk a couple of times a day, and include a daily serving of yoghurt or cheese (made with pasteurised milk).


Portable and non-perishable, nuts and nut butters are perfect on-the-go snacks and excellent sources of protein and healthy fat, which can aid in your baby’s development. Almonds, peanuts and walnuts are all good selections.


Whether fresh, frozen or tinned, fruit is high in vitamins and fibre, key in every pregnancy diet since it can help prevent constipation. Read the labels on tinned fruit carefully. Go for fruit packed in water rather than syrup.


You’ll need a lot of it during pregnancy to keep up your energy and ward off anaemia. Stock up on lean meats, fortified cereals and spinach. Frozen spinach is especially affordable and easy to prepare; try mixing it into casseroles or pasta sauce.

If you’re pregnant, your baby’s development is on your mind all the time. Improving your diet during pregnancy is an easy way to enhance your baby’s health. Chat to your doctor, shop carefully and try to avoid processed food whenever you can.

4 Home Remedies and Tips to Avoid Knee Pain

Knee pain is something which can affect people of all ages but people aged above 40 are more susceptible to Knee pain. The causes of Knee pain can be anything from an injury to the knee to Chronic knee pain due to arthritis or due to some other factors. However Knee pain Pain for aged people is becoming increasingly common due to various factors.

This blog will help you learn some remedies which can be implemented straight from home to lessen your Knee pain in the long run.

Weight reduction

At a time when the joints are already having so much stress obesity can make matters even worse. Each extra kilo is your enemy. If you are having difficulties with controlling your weight then you can make a visit to Archana Hospitals, we will make you a Tailor made diet plan according to your body type as well as keeping in mind your Lifestyle.


It has been said since time immemorial that Rest cures most problems in Human anatomy. Well the same applies to Knee Pain too. Taking rest is often recommended by Doctors for Knee pain, especially Arthritis.


Although rest is important for People with Arthritis, keeping the leg stationary and reducing the moment for long periods of time can also make matters worse. Therefore it is advised to do exercises at regular intervals to keep the moment free and to avoid letting the Joints become too stiff.

Ginger extract

Ginger is available in many forms. It can be purchased in pre-packaged supplement form at health food or vitamin stores. Ginger root or tea can be found at the grocery store. The spice is used in many cuisines. Health benefits include relief from stomach upset and nausea as well as pain relief for many conditions. A study of people with arthritis found that ginger helped to reduce pain when used in combination with a prescription treatment for arthritis.

By following these remedies one can reduce the amount of pain associated with knee pain or even reduce the chances of having knee pain in the first place.

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