With rising reports of private ambulance drivers exploiting patients, various people and organisations in Bengaluru are providing free services, particularly to the underprivileged. Many people have expressed relief as a result of this.

According to Abdul Muheeb, President of the NGO The Helping Hands National Welfare and Charitable Trust, they have assisted more than 90 persons in the last two weeks.

Private Ambulance with ventilator such as One Ambulance in Hyderabad is an exceptional demand, irrespective of the locality or the city itself. With an unprecedented number of cases growing exponentially, the medical infrastructure that we have is almost on the verge of collapsing. However, good samaritans like Abdul Muheeb are coming forward now and then.

“We began this service after learning that private ambulance providers were charging more than Rs 10,000 for a 2-kilometre trip. Those in need can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 6366190748, 7760319646, and 96636-12786,” – DR. P. CHENNA REDDY

Harshini Venkatesh, founder of She for Society, a club of women motorcyclists, offered free ambulance services for around 80 people between May 5 and May 31. “We hired an ambulance with oxygen assistance from a private company and utilised it to transport patients free of charge from their homes to hospitals,” Harshini explained.

She stated that the service has been suspended for the time being due to a decrease in demand. “However, if demand increases, we will continue it,” she continued.

We established a free ambulance facility in March last year and have served more than 2,500 individuals so far,” said Abdul Majid of Bengaluru for Migrant Workers, which was founded by Sanmarga Charitable and Educational Trust.

The treatment is free for COVID patients, however, non-COVID patients may be charged up to Rs 1,500. However, if they are unable to pay, we do not insist on payment. We now have two ambulances and intend to add a couple more. Call us at 8050926443 or 8861478752.”

Nikhil Kamath, the creator of the online stock trading website Zerodha, announced on Twitter that their free Bengaluru ambulance helpline (18001205577) has been operational since May 13. Wells Fargo and Tamara Resorts have also launched a free ambulance service via their hotline (08047181616). Also, an hyderabad based company One Ambulance recently launched a private ambulance service with affordable cost, in case if you were looking out for to book an appointment here are the details as follows, Ambulance service in Hyderabad & website is as follows: https://oneambulance.com

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