Anaesthesiology & Pain Management

Anesthesia team provides their services within four top equipped operating theaters, prepared with the latest anesthesia machines endoscopic, laparoscopic, arthroscopic, general surgery equipments with medical equipments recovery and day-care and CCU and ICU.

Adhering to the current standards in medical field, Archana hospitral is equipped to provide up-to-date anesthesia service utilizing cutting edge technology and quality human resources.

A highly efficient team of anesthesiologists along with dedicated nursing and support staff are determined to make the patients’ surgical experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Moreover, we are committed to provide excellent training to the medical staff.


Chronic pain can affect your whole life: your ability to work, to be active, your relationships, and your feelings.

Therefore, a full and active life may seem an impossible dream. When chronic pain does not improve with standard treatments, our Pain Clinic may provide with a total relief. The sooner you seek treatment the sooner you can regain your active life again.