Each day, people who are involved in road accidents as well as other accidents sustain serious head injuries. These types of injuries affect a person’s everyday life and are often very complex and expensive to treat. The decisions a person makes immediately following the accident or injury can determine how quickly and how well they heal. The biggest mistakes that people make after sustaining a head injury include:

1) Not seeking medical help at once. Any head injury could result in life-threatening injuries. Head injury can result in serious or even fatal complications if the patient does not seek medical help in time. Only a medical professional can tell you whether they have sustained a serious head injury or not. Always err on the side of caution and seek medical help if a person has sustained any type of head injury – even if they do not yet have symptoms and seem to be fine.

2) Not keeping close track of symptoms. Keeping close track of symptoms with a written record does two things. First, it can give an indication of the kind of injury. Secondly, it helps to notice symptoms that people may dismiss but that could point to a serious condition. If the person is having headaches or dizzy spells each day, they may not notice – unless they are keeping track. Sometimes, head injuries have very subtle symptoms that are hard to catch.

3) Not taking extra precautions against additional head injury. If a person already has one head injury, additional head injuries can become life-threatening or can seriously complicate the condition. After sustaining a head injury, they should ensure that they wear helmets or protective headgear for any contact sports, bicycle riding, or motorcycle riding or other activities where there is a chance of head contact. They should take every precaution against head injury to ensure that they do not worsen the condition.

4) Returning to regular activities too soon. If a person has sustained a serious head injury, the first thing to do is speak with a doctor before returning to regular activities such as bicycle riding, contact sports, and other physical exertions. If they sustain injuries again while already having a head injury, the results could be life-threatening. Caution is advised against taking risks with the health. They should make sure that they speak with their doctor about which activities they can return to and follow the doctor’s timetable for recovery.

5) Health Insurance. If a person has suffered a head injury the medical costs associated are quite high. It is not unusual for someone with a serious head injury to spend thousands of rupees in replacement income and medical bills in the first few years of their injury. In addition to the medical scans necessary to treat such an injury, serious head injuries may require surgery, rehabilitation, and many other expensive treatments. Therefore having a health insurance cover is vital and helps in mitigating the existing medical condition from a financial point of view.

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