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 Repair & Recovery

One important ligament that stabilizes the knee joint is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Its function is to stop the tibia bone from moving forward too much about the femur bone. One common sports injury that needs surgical repair is an ACL tear. This blog will discuss the causes, care, and recovery of an ACL reconstruction.

 Causes of ACL Tears :

ACL tears can happen for several reasons, including:

Sports injuries: Because high-impact sports like football, basketball, and soccer require quick stops, pivots, or direction changes, players are likelier to suffer an ACL tear.

Trauma: Other traumatic occurrences that put undue strain or tension on the knee joint, such as falls, auto accidents, or other collisions, can also result in an ACL tear.

Overuse: Activities like long-distance running and jumping that repeatedly put stress on the knee joint raise the possibility of an ACL tear.

Treatment Options for ACL Tear

The degree of the injury determines how an ACL tear is treated. While non-surgical therapy options could be enough in some circumstances, surgery might be necessary in others.

1. Non-surgical treatment: Physiotherapy, pain management, and rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) therapy are examples of non-surgical treatment alternatives. Protocol-Oriented Regaining functional independence requires physiotherapy, and patients with ACL injuries are always encouraged to perform these exercises to strengthen their knees.

2. Surgical intervention: Surgery is required when there is a high-grade ACL injury and noticeable indications of knee instability. During ACL repair surgery, a tissue graft—typically derived from the patient’s patellar tendon or hamstring—is used to reconstruct the injured ligament. The process is carried out as keyhole Surgery

Recovery from ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Professional athletes recuperate from ACL reconstruction surgery differently than non-professional players. It is advised that professional athletes wait six months before returning to competition, but this can be shortened to four months.  

Patients can usually get back to their regular activities in 3–5 weeks, and they can return to sports in 4-6 months. Physical therapy is required to restore the knee joint’s strength, flexibility, and range of motion throughout the healing phase.

In conclusion, a typical sports injury that can be quite crippling to the targeted athlete is an ACL tear. Depending on how severe the injury is, there are non-surgical and surgical treatment options. The recovery period following ACL reconstruction surgery can range from six weeks to three months. Patients who receive precise surgical care, appropriate post-operative care, and well-coordinated physiotherapy can restore complete functioning to their knee joint. 

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